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High Recycled Content Cellulose Insulation is the Safest and Most Inexpensive Way to Lower Your Heating and Cooling Bills

3 Questions to ask a cellulose Insulation & Installation Contractor

  1. PRODUCT – Does the cellulose your installer use contain 100% Borate as a fire retardant? We only use National Fiber Cel-Pak which contains 100% Borate with no VOC’s and the highest quality recycled paper.  Others contain Ammonium Sulfate which smells like Ammonia in your attic or walls. Ammonia Sulfate also has the potential to corrode wires and metal.
  2. PROCEDURE – Does your cellulose installer follow proper installation methods as called for by BPI – Building Performance Institute and the Department of Energy? Our installation procedure is based upon National Fiber Training, Building Performance Institute Standards and the Department of Energy. No shortcuts. Ask us why!
  3. PERFORMANCE – Do you get the proper R-Value/Install Height and Weight you pay for when cellulose is installed? Our installation crews follow a chart for delivering product Height and Weight making sure you get what you paid for in your attic, walls or basement.

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