Commercial Thermography

Commercial and Industrial Thermal Imaging

Infrared Thermography is used throughout industry because it is non destructive, non contact, efficient and cost effective way to detect and document defects. Below are some thermal imaging applications we address.

RoofScanIR™ Flat roof inspections – Infrared roof moisture survey will find wet insulation on flat roofs and roof systems.
Electrical infrared Inspection – Infrared electrical surveys of  cabinets and components for loose connections, worn parts and overloads.
Mechanical infrared – on rotating and mechanical equipment for excess heat caused by wear, over/under lubrication and other factors.
Building IR surveys – for heat/ac loss and other building IR inspections such as steam pipes, underground/slab leaks, energy loss, missing insulation.
BlockWallScanIR™ Structural Infrared inspections of CMU walls – for missing grout and other structural deficiencies in concrete masonry walls.
Residential EnergyScanIR™ According to the US department of energy the average family in the Northeast spends about $2,379 a year on utility bills and large portion of that is wasted!
Solar Panels Infrared imaging should be used to inspect the roof for moisture as wall as commission the electronics of commercial solar panel arrays and residential PV solar installations.
Data Center ThermalMap™ Data center cooling problems and efficiency are the top issues for center managers. The images might look like CFD, but they are not! These are real infrared images stitched together to make 3D images of a data center cooling systems. We find server cooling problems and hot spots and provide Infrared surveys of electrical and mechanical systems
Training and Certification Infrared Imaging Services LLC in strategic alliance with the Infraspection Institute, the oldest independent infrared training and infrared certification firm in the world is now offering Infrared training classes in the NY area.
Commercial Applications – Infrared is the perfect tool for finding steam or water leaks from pipes buried underground or in the floor substrate. Breaks can be pin pointed and repaired without needless and destructive digging.
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