Residential Thermography

Thermography Process by the Energy Sleuth

  1. Client interview – Your energy audit begins with the client interview. We want to know about any issues you are experiencing such as cold or drafty rooms, uneven heating/cooling, excessive dust, headaches. We will review you utility bills to establish base load usage for use in determining energy conservation strategies.
  2. Building exterior survey – To determine general condition of doors, windows, foundation, electrical, water, gas utility lines and other penetrations into the building, orientation and vegetation.
  3. High resolution Infrared camera scan. We scan all walls floors ceilings and doors with our high resolution Infrared camera looking for indications of missing or displaced insulation and to determine the exact cause and placement of other energy leaks in your home. Each area is documented with an Infrared image and a visible light picture and location.
  4. Diagnostic Blower door test. A fully automated diagnostic blower door test is performed to determine exactly how much air leakage there is in your house. We measure the exact CFM (cubic feet per minute) of air flow due to leaks and the results are compared to established standards of allowable air exchange for a house of your size and geographic location. The location of air leaks is documented with infrared and visual images.
  5. Energy-Sleuth™ assessment checklist – During the home energy audit we perform the Energy-Sleuth™ assessment checklist. It looks at dozens of items that potentially loose energy, appliances in all usage categories and practices throughout the home to find where the opportunities are for energy conservation and additional energy savings.
  6. Lighting and electric review. Home energy cost savings and return on investment are calculated for improvements if energy efficient lighting is installed and energy efficient appliances are purchased.
  7. Insulation check. We check the attic, the exterior walls, the basement and crawl spaces to confirm proper installation, efficiency and overall insulation levels.
  8. The report – The Energy Sleuth™ home energy audit report is comprehensive and detailed. We combine the results of the Infrared survey, with both visual and Infrared pictures, the Blower door diagnostic test data and the Energy-Sleuth™ assessment into one easy to read binder. Included in the report is a complete list of the issues found during all phases of the energy audit and our interpretations of the test results. You will receive a prioritized list of what needs to be fixed to conserve energy and lower utility bills. We provide the numbers showing you how much energy and money you will save by adding insulation, air sealing the cracks and gaps where outside air comes in and changing light bulbs. You will know what your total return on investment is and the payback period for installing energy efficient measures – tank less hot water heaters, energy star appliances, new windows and doors, improving insulation on ducts, high efficiency heaters and air conditioners etc…..
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